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About Us

Welcome to the
Jitney Transport

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to welcome you to Jitney Transport. While nothing can replace thing on-the-lot experience.

Jitney Transport & Logistics is a specialist tour operator since 2018. We are here to create private tailor-made journeys such as adventure trips, trekking, hiking, camping, tour packages, and Self trip as well. We are glad to serve the people of families, corporate Peoples, HoneyMoon couples, and Besties to bring their travel safe, comfortable, and memorable and also to feel the places alive. We are delighted to serve the customers with all the travel and accommodation services. We are one of the leading Travel organizers as well as other tailor-made services for the Customers. Ultrarides Known for its range of customized travel offerings Travel Tours promises ‘unbeatable’ services both in pricing and quality. Customer Satisfaction is only one Key motive for Jitney Transport. The carefully chosen Packages for satisfying Customers and make customers feel Secure which reflects their location with lovingly designed spaces and warm welcoming Services. we are here to provide the best tour Packages which enable the customer to feel on the lowest budget, Saving money and a Luxurious service. We Provide Satisfaction and in return Customers take Memories to their homes. “Live with no excuses and Travel with no Regrets. Take Memories, Leave FootPrints”. Need to add the content about IV & Vehicle attachment finally.